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Flirt Your Way to Success with the Horny Dictionary

If you want to flirt your way to a sensuous night out, then pick up your copy of the Horny Dictionary today. Available in different volumes for men and women, we offer a 30-day, money back guarantee! 

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The Horny Dictionary
Address: 13 Ridgeway Ave Glenroy, Victoria. Australia 3046
Phone office: (03) 9306 9222 
Outside Australia: +61 3 9306 9222

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Ordering your copy of The Horny Dictionary is easy. Fill in the order form, and we’ll ship your copy of seduction straight to you.

Payment Method: Credit Card customers, please use our safe PayPal system or our Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

Account Name: Domininc Biviano,T\A The Horny Dictionary, BSB Number: 033183, Account Number: 439403,
Bank: Westpac, Branch: Coburg.Swift Code: WPACAU2S. 

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Super Edition – order No.SE  $68.00

Ladies Book – order No. LV  $49.50

Male Book - order No. MV  $49.50

For  Δ  Money Orders   Δ Cheques   Δ Cash  customers please use our order form. 10% discount for all cash orders.  All prices are with postage & G.S.T inclusive. Outside of Australia, add $20.00 for postage.

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