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If you want to flirt your way to a sensuous night out, then pick up your copy of the Horny Dictionary today. Available in different volumes for men and women, we offer a 30-day, money back guarantee!



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The art of seduction starts with the mind. Finding the right words to set the mood and get the mind ticking over is the key to sex. The Horny Dictionary arms you with the right words. Here are some of our lines that didn’t make the book. Try one of these gems and get laid tonight.

We guarantee satisfaction with the books. That’s why we offer a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee. Order your copy today and start getting laid as often as you like.


Men's Version - Freebies

Ladies Version - Freebies

Hi princess, I’m all lonely and horny sweetheart, fancy making love!

Where are you! I’m at home playing with my dick, waiting to please you sweetheart!

What would you like for dinner? Hot pussy and two juicy tits please!

What would you like for dessert; my favourite dessert is pussy juice,
fresh from your sweet pussy!

It’s my birthday, as a special birthday present, would you like to make love!

You look so sexy and beautiful; I wish I was playing sexy games with you!

Sweetheart, there’s something really special about the way you move, because I’m getting horny!

You look so pretty, you look like endless love making!

You look so pretty, would you like to make love!

Your tits are so big and beautiful; you make me feel like a starving child!

I think I love you, would you like to have a casual affair, to see if you love me!

Good morning sweetheart, fancy starting with oral love making!

What would you like for dinner? Hot pussy and two juicy tits please!

You look so horny; would your rear-end like to start with oral love making!

I'm so horny, if we make love, I'll give your pussy a month's worth of pleasure, in one night!

Hi princess, you are in my wet dreams, and wild horny fantasies, and I love you baby!

Hi princess, would your beautiful body mind if we have a romantic love affair!

Hi princess, I feel so horny, fancy a wild variety of hardcore intercourse!

The way I fuck; I'll spread your thighs wide, and ram fuck deeper and harder, by the hours!

The way I fuck; you'll be walking funny for days, and that's fucking guaranteed!

The way I fuck, your vagina will have multiple orgasms, from the first ramming stroke!

The way I suck clitoris and hardcore fuck, I’ll keep your vagina cumming, all through the night!

The way I hardcore fuck, I'll break your orgasm record, in the first 10 minutes!

The way I hardcore fuck, I'll turn you multi orgasmic, and make you cum non-stop!

We're bi-sexual! If you wanna have a four way fuck fest, my slutty girlfriend and I, are bi-sexual!

We're bi-sexual! If you fancy getting mob-fucked, my buddies and I, love sharing!

Madam, your really retarded and you need to go and get, metal help!

Madam, if you get too cheeky you’ll get a flogging and be forced to eat shit, and drink piss!
Hi sweetheart, I'm so horny, I'm in my sexy undies, and I feel like a real slut!

Hi sweetheart, I'm so horny, if you come over, a real hot slutty fuck is on offer!

For dessert, how would you like my pussy, on all fours or in the bedroom!

For my birthday, I want you to suck my pussy, and sing happy birthday after I cum!

For your birthday, would you like to take my sexy panties off, and get a horny slutty present?

For your birthday, as a special sexy gift, would you like to have a wild slutty affair?                                                             

I think I love you, every time you talk to me; I always get a horny wet vagina!

I feel so horny, I'm in my see through lingerie, and ready for love making!

I feel so horny; I'm on my back, with my legs wide open, and ready for a long slutty session!

You make me so horny; I've never seen my pussy leaking, so much cum before!

You make me so horny; I wish your cock was working out, with my horny slutty pussy!

I'm so horny, if you come over, I'll be your big love slut, for as long as you like!

You make me so horny, my horny wet vagina, is dripping love juice!

I think I love you, when you speak to me, I cum without touching my vagina!

Sweetheart, I'm on heat, and in a display of horniness, my pussy is dripping love juice!

I love French-kissing, while your fingering my cunt, with your hard-on!

I love playing with your cock and balls, as we kiss and make out!

I love giving and receiving oral love, before any cock shoving!

I love flirting around, finger-fucking myself, and seducing your cock rock hard, before sex!

I love fingering myself and fucking my sex toys, while you watch before sex!

I love using vibrators, fingers and deep-throat, before any prick pounding!

I love deep-throat cock sucking, while masturbating your balls, full of cumming!

I love sucking both balls at once, and watching your prick getting bigger and harder, before sucking it!

I love playing with your balls, while your hard-on is filling me up, full of love juice!

Hi sweetheart, are you by any chance, looking for a horny date, for the night!

Hi sweetheart, if you wanna celebrate slutty fucking, my rear-end is on heat!

Hi sweetheart, I'm so horny, if you come over, a real hot slutty fuck is on offer!