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Flirt Your Way to Success with the Horny Dictionary

If you want to flirt your way to a sensuous night out, then pick up your copy of the Horny Dictionary today. Available in different volumes for men and women, we offer a 30-day, money back guarantee!



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Ladies Book

Ladies Sexting and Dating Tips

The language of seduction can be mastered by anyone. The Horny Dictionary gives you the perfect lines to tease and tantalise him. Your words will have him ready to go whenever you want him. The Horny Dictionary puts the power in your hands to use your words to seduce and get yours.  With 2850 cracking lines for any occasion, you become the master of sex - when you want it, with whomever you want it. Our books are guaranteed by a full money back guarantee. Order The Horny Dictionary today and get laid when ever you like.


All Topics, All Advice

The Horny Dictionary covers a wide range of topics, leaving you with the right reply no matter what the situation. Look at the range of topics covered, and get ordering your copy of The Horny Dictionary today. It’s time to get yours.

Chapter 1. Sex is not dirty Page 7
Chapter 2. Getting a date Page 19
Chapter 3. Getting laid Page 24
Chapter 4. Horny menu Page 59
Chapter 5. I’m a virgin Page 89
Chapter 6. It’s my birthday Page 94
Chapter 7. Valentine’s Day special Page 102
Chapter 8. We’re gay Page 109
Chapter 9. We're Bi-sexual Page 114
Chapter 10. Sweetheart Page 144
Chapter 11. I think I love you Page 175
Chapter 12. Expression of love Page 182
Chapter 13. I love you the most Page 206
Chapter 14. I feel so horny Page 215
Chapter 15. You make me so horny Page 236
Chapter 16. I’m so horny Page 247
Chapter 17. If you're horny Page 283
Chapter 18. If you love me Page 290
Chapter 19. Looking for a lover Page 324
Chapter 20. Tongue kissing Page 339
Chapter 21. The way I do foreplay Page 344
Chapter 22. The way I suck cock Page 348
Chapter 23. The way I deep throat Page 356
Chapter 24. The way I suck balls Page 361
Chapter 25. The way I fuck Page 367
Chapter 26. Horny older women Page 378
Chapter 27. The mistress Page 409
Chapter 28. Dungeon delights Page 421
Chapter 29. Miscellaneous Page 441
Chapter 30. The interview Page 453


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