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Flirt Your Way to Success with the Horny Dictionary

If you want to flirt your way to a sensuous night out, then pick up your copy of the Horny Dictionary today. Available in different volumes for men and women, we offer a 30-day, money back guarantee!



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Super Edition

Complete Seduction & Sex Tips

The complete volume of the Super Edition of The Horny Dictionary combines both the Men’s and Ladies’ books. That’s a massive collection of 6,457 ways to seduce and tease your partner into bed. Use them as love notes, as tweets, or text messages. They also make great back and forth banter for phone sex.With The Horny Dictionary by your side you can get hot and steamy anywhere you like. Simply send a text message to him or her and your partner will be tantalised immediately. No need to wait, get your copy today.


Super Edition

The Super Edition compiles both the Men’s and Ladies’ version into one. The 928 page volume covers all you need to know about sensuous seduction. For just one payment all the text messages and notes compiled into one volume is yours. It’s a collector’s resource to ensure you have all the sex and seduction you could need. Every Super Edition comes signed by the author, with a free colour adult magazine. Make sex yours today when you order your copy of the Super Edition.


Learn the language of seduction. Shop online or call (03) 9306 9222 to find out more.